PRINCE2 - Controlling a Stage

The purpose of the controlling a stage process is to assign work to be done, monitor such work, deal with issues, report progress to the project board, and take corrective actions to ensure that the management stage remains within tolerance.

The objective of the controlling a stage process is to ensure that:

  • attention is focused on delivery of the management stage's products. Any movement away from the direction and products agreed at the start of the management stage is monitored to avoid uncontrolled change and loss of focus
  • risks and issues are kept under control
  • the business case is kept under review
  • the agreed products for the management stage are delivered to stated quality standards, within cost, effort and time agreed, and ultimately in support of the achievement of the defined benefits
  • the project management team is focused on delivery within the tolerances laid down.

Controlling a stage activities are project manager oriented and comprise:

  • Work packages:
  • authorize a work package
  • review work package status
  • receive completed work packages.
  • Monitoring and reporting:
  • review the management stage status
  • report highlights.
  • Issues and risks:
  • capture and examine issues and risks
  • escalate issues and risks
  • take corrective action