Big Data Consulting Services

Our  skilled seasoned data science help you tap into the big data advantage to make your business data-driven and stay ahead of the curve. Whether you are looking to get a  big picture, optimize internal operations, or supercharge customer-facing activities, we pair our in-depth domain knowledge with the right big data technology stack to support your digital transformation.


Business needs analysis

We perform thorough research into your domain to analyze your business requirements and identify big data use cases. We also help you evaluate the existing IT environment to make sure it will adequately support your data initiative.

End-to-end big data strategy

Our seasoned data experts will work closely with your core team to elaborate the right big data strategy that will start bringing immediate business benefits and promote your long-term success.

Architecture design

With over a decade of experience in building complex, high performance systems, we excel at designing robust, scalable big data architectures with an eye to optimizing resource consumption and reducing TCO. 

Data Integration

To paint a complete picture, our data consultants create a detailed integration plan to bring fragmented data silos, including IoT-generated data, into a single easy-to-manage system that seamlessly fits your infrastructure with no disruption to business operations.

Implementation service

Our work is not done until even less tech-savvy stakeholders are on board with your new big data solution. To encourage effective end user adoption, we develop a strategic roadmap and provide expert training that will help you move from concept to reality.

BI and analytics service

By drawing on their extensive technical expertise coupled with business acumen, our data analytics consultants offer their unique perspective on the most suitable BI tools and technologies to help you gain actionable insights and make your decisions data-driven.

Our advisory services based on proven, repeatable methodologies that provide unbiased vendor-neutral recommendations, architecture blueprints and implementation roadmaps.

We help you define a Big Data strategy and select appropriate technologies and vendors based on your requirements and budget. We also ensure it complements your existing data warehouse/ BI investments. Our consultants have a comprehensive view of the many options available and help you evaluate both commercial product vendors and Open Source options

How we stand out

Top data science talent

We take pride in our super talented data science team ready to leverage the cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and deep learning to solve our client's big data challenges and drive business growth.

Cost-effective approach

We know how to put big data to work without hurting your bottom line. Our big data consultants factor in your scalability and security needs, maintenance costs, license fees, and other variables to advise you on the most suitable solution - whether on premise or in the cloud - to drive down expenses.

Expertise in high-load architectures

From advanced OTT platforms to complex healthcare systems, our software architects are building reliable, robust and heavy-load systems to empower business users and drive digital transformation.

Make your company data-driven