Digital Transformation

Transforming Businesses by Using the IT of the Digital Era

The new digital era is changing the rules of business. Customers are becoming more demanding and power is shifting to them. In addition, new players are forcing major disruptions in certain markets. More than ever before, digital is part of the life of customers. They expect to have access to information, data, services and much more. All this needs to be delivered in real time, all the time. To serve your customers, you need to rethink your business strategy so that you can optimize your use of current technologies and define your digital journey.

IT-Enabled Business Transformation

Digital technologies are transforming our economy, a process that has only just begun. The ability to digitally reimagine the business is determined to a large extent by a clear strategy supported by leaders who are able to execute and transform the business, leveraging the new IT landscape. The challenge is to define a strategy which does not just focus on individual technologies or operational strategies. You need to define your contribution to the business transformation by articulating the value of digital technologies to your organization's future in a reinvented strategy. PM Expert helps you:

  1. Assess your digital readiness and benchmark it against your industry
  2. Come up with new innovative ideas that can generate additional revenue streams
  3. Define a clear and actionable roadmap to transform your organization

IT-Enabled Customer Experience

Looking to change the way customers experience your services and products? Organizations today seek to provide the right customer experience to increasingly more demanding users who expect outstanding digital services. The challenge is to overcome the omni-channel balancing act between traditional and digital services and projects, as well as to receive the right customer feedback to come up with innovations that are in line with your digital customer experience offering. PM Expert helps you:

  1. Identify the needs of your customers
  2. Ideate innovative new digital customer journeys
  3. Implement agility and continuous improvement into the way that journey is delivered

IT-Enabled Operational Excellence

Digital technology can help you to redesign your value chain, improve work safety, make better data-driven decisions, find bottlenecks, recognize savings opportunities, improve plant reliability, and save your people from boring and repetitive tasks by automating your business processes. Challenges: to protect your data and information; to automate in a socially responsible way; and to think in the long-term while maintaining momentum in the short term to keep your people on board during the transformation journey. PM Expert helps you:

  1. Transform your company into one that is data driven by redesigning your data models and analytics
  2. Design the architecture needed for operational excellence, including business process automation, artificial intelligence and big data adoption as well as the secure implementation of IoT
  3. Train and coach your people, redesign your processes and organization, identify and source the best technology

Capabilities to Execute

We help your people and organization to acquire the capabilities needed to perform each of the above enablers. We train your people in Design Thinking, Innovation Management, Ideation Processes, Prototyping, Co-creation, Business Agility and Bi-modal Management. We also teach them how to leverage new technology like Mobility, Cloud Services, Big Data or Social Business to maximize your return. We design, implement or improve processes for fast and agile execution. PM Expert helps you:

  1. Create a master plan to inspire and energize the digital talent in your organization
  2. Draw up a modular approach based on your needs
  3. Adopt digital competencies

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Deploying the opportunities of cloud computing in the right way to a large extent determines the user satisfaction and use of IT services. PM Expert's Cloud Readiness Assessment affords organizations insight into how they might be able to put this relatively new development to use. PM Expert has more than 20 years of experience in assisting with insourcing and outsourcing projects. The multi-disciplinary approach to our Cloud Readiness Assessment can be seen in PM Expert's unique phasing model. PM Expert's Cloud Readiness Assessment allows you to determine whether you and your organization are ready for the choice of one or more cloud computing delivery methods and offers you insight into the contractual and financial aspects.

Big Data Strategy

Regardless of their degree of maturity, PM Expert helps organizations to develop and implement a fitting data strategy which specifically and appropriately addresses the questions above. Key concepts in a successful data strategy include a shared awareness and understanding of the value that data analysis can have for your organization, from the perspective of both IT and the business processes supported by it. Although many tools are available for data analysis, data only really becomes valuable with human comprehension and targeted application. In the strategy, the focus is not just on the internal use of data, but also on the opportunities that open sharing of your internal data could generate for you. A well thought-out data strategy may lead to a better return on your data and an increase in the speed of its use.

Data Governance & Management

With our Data Governance & Management services, together with you, we ensure that your data is managed in a structural way. The data-to-action cycle really becomes shorter. Your data has business owners who guarantee its quality, ensure that the data is part of the architecture and that it is managed transparently via master data management. Data improvement (on time, correct, and complete) is realized in a structured way. Moreover, we ensure that the need for data improvement is kept to a minimum. Together with us, your IT department ensures that data is made available in a reliable and fast way, in compliance with security and privacy regulations.

All-In-One Big Data Starter Pack

The purpose of big data is to get ahead of the competition or to respond to developments around us in the right way and at the right time. Essentially, big data is about smart mining and analysis of data, accessing data and preparing it for analysis, and working together to maintain data quality and reliability. Our service helps you get started with a quick, scalable approach, based on a long-term vision, to produce early results. PM Expert achieves this by teaching you how to manage big data, and by helping you to develop a long-term vision and to perform an initial analysis of data from various sources. We help your business with its first steps towards making better use of data with a view to strengthening your position in the market. The main ingredients in our approach:

  • Scoping and kick-off
  • Awareness session
  • Strategy session
  • Proof of concept
  • Initial big data analysis and visualization