PMI ACP Exam Format

PMI-ACP Exam Format

The PMI-ACP® Exam consists of 120 questions which can be categorised into seven domain (20 random questions (called as pre-test) from the 120 questions are not to be counted towards the final score)

  • All questions are multiple-choice questions with 1 correct answer from 4 choices

The PMI-ACP® Exam lasts for 3 hours

Sample PMI - ACP Questions 

Sample Question 1 - Which of the following statements is false regarding Agility?

a) Agility is the ability to balance flexibility and stability

b) Agility is the ability to both create and respond to change to profit in a turbulent business


c) Agility is avoiding planning and lack of structure

d) "Agility is ability to deliver customer value while dealing with the unpredictability and

dynamism of an inherent project "

Answer: c) Agility is not an excuse to avoid planning or not having structure.

Sample Question 2 - Technical debt is the gap between a product's actual Cost of Change (CoC) and its optimal CoC.

Managing technical debt helps ensure reliable delivery today and ready adaptation to

tomorrow's customer needs. When would technical debt not occur?

a) During Initial Development

b) Ongoing Maintenance

c) During Enhancement

d) During closing

Answer: d) Technical debt can arise during initial development, ongoing maintenance (keeping a product at its original state), or enhancement (adding functionality) and not during closing.