PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP)

PMI-ACP® (Agile Certified Practitioner) credential from PMI® , USA is one of the most comprehensive agile courses, It covers Agile frameworks/methodologies,  skills, tools and techniques principles and practices in detail. After attending this course, you will be able to enhance  your knowledge and skills in the area of Agile Project Management. 

18,500.00 INR

PMI - ACP Certification Training Course Contents

Session 1 - Domain 1- Agile Principles and Mindset (16% of PMI-ACP® Exam questions)

  • Explore, embrace, and apply agile principles and mindset within the context of the project team and organization.
  • Scrum
  • Lean
  • Kanban
  • XP
  • Feature driven development
  • Crystal
  • dsdm

 Session 2 - Domain 2 - Value-driven Delivery (20% of PMI-ACP® Exam questions)

  • Deliver valuable results by producing high-value increments for review, early and often, based on stakeholder priorities. Have the stakeholders provide feedback on these increments, and use this feedback to prioritize and improve future increments.
  • Prioritization Techniques
  • Concepts such as change for free and money for nothing
  • Agile contracts

Session 3 - Domain 3 - Stakeholder Engagement (17% of PMI-ACP® Exam questions)

  • Engage current and future interested parties by building a trusting environment that aligns their needs and expectations and balances their requests with an understanding of the cost/effort involved. Promote participation and collaboration throughout the project life cycle and provide the tools for effective and informed decision making.
  • Epic , Personas and User stories
  • Estimation Techniques - Planning Poker/ Affinity Estimation Technique
  • Velocity /Scheduling and Budgeting 

Session 4 - Domain 4 Team Performance (16% of PMI-ACP® Exam questions)

  • Create an environment of trust, learning, collaboration, and conflict resolution that promotes team self-organization, enhances relationships among team members, and cultivates a culture of high performance.
  • Team Building Model and Situation leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict Management

Session - 5 - Domain 5 Adaptive Planning (12% of PMI-ACP® Exam questions

Produce and maintain an evolving plan, from initiation to closure, based on goals, values, risks, constraints, stakeholder feedback, and review findings

Session 6 - Domain 6 - Problem Detection and Resolution (10% of PMI-ACP® Exam questions) 

Continuously identify problems, impediments, and risks; prioritize and resolve in a timely manner; monitor and communicate the problem resolution status; and implement process improvements to prevent them from occurring again.

Session 7 - Domain 7 Continuous Improvement (Product, Process, People) (9% of PMI-ACP® Exam questions)

Continuously improve the quality, effectiveness, and value of the product, the process, and the team.

Frequently Asked Questions on PMI -ACP

What is Eligibility Criteria to apply for PMI ACP Exam

General Project Experience

  • 12 months of general project experience
  • These hours must be earned within the last 5 years
  • Active PMP® or PgMP® certification will satisfy this requirement

Agile Project Experience

  • 8 months of agile project experience - working on agile project teams or with agile methodologies
  • This requirement is in addition to the 12 months required in "general project experience"
  • These hours must be earned within the last 3 years

Training in Agile Practices

  • 21 contact hours
  • Hours must be earned in agile practices

What is PMI-ACP Exam Application Process

  • Register to become a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI).
    • This step is optional.
    • It costs $139 to become a member, but it saves you $60 on exam fees.
    • The standard non-member price to take the exam is $495. The PMI member price for the exam is $435.
  • Take our PMI-ACP Exam Prep Course to satisfy the required 21 contact hours (PDUs) education requirement.
  • Submit your PMI-ACP application through the PMI website & pay the fee.
    • There is no rush to do this step, we will help you with this as part of our PMI-ACP exam prep course and per PMI rules you must complete your 21 hours of training first anyway.
    • PMI® will review your application and respond within 3 to 5 business days.
    • Once your application is approved you will receive an invitation to pay for and schedule the exam.
  • Schedule your exam with Pearson VUE.
    • You have one year to take the exam after your application has been approved.
    • You may take the exam up to three (3) times during the eligibility period.
    • To learn more about the testing centers, please visit Pearson VUE.
  • Take and Pass the PMI-ACP Exam
    • 1 year to take the exam after your application is approved.
    • The PMI-ACP Exam has a total 120 questions (with 100 scored and 20 unscored questions).
    • 3 hour time limit.
    • The questions are broken down into 7 domains: Agile Principles and Mindset (16%), Value-driven Delivery (20%), Stakeholder Engagement (17%), Team Performance (16%), Adaptive Planning (12%), Problem Detection and Resolution (10%), and Continuous Improvement (9%).

What is PMI - ACP Exam format

The PMI-ACP® Exam consists of 120 questions which can be categorized into seven domain (20 random questions (called as pre-test) from the 120 questions are not to be counted towards the final score)

All questions are multiple-choice questions with 1 correct answer from 4 choices

The PMI-ACP® Exam lasts for 3 hours

What is PMI - ACP Exam Fee

PMI -ACP Certification Price - Member: US$435.00 ,Non-member: US$495.00

What is PMI - ACP certification renewal

Moment you pass you are certified for a 3 year cycle, need 30 PDUs to renew after 3 years.

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