IT Governance

Governance is often inextricably linked with sourcing. Governance is not only about adequately responding to demand, supply, management, and organizational development challenges, but also touches on leadership with increasing frequency. In the past few years many organizations have developed governance activities, or are currently doing so; the necessity and the purpose of this are no longer up for discussion. Governance can be seen as a change management intervention, and experiences in designing and implementing governance activities have shown that in addition to developing well-functioning governance agreements (management agreements and design principles for sourcing and governance throughout the IT chain), changing the leadership of all professionals involved is crucial to the success of governance and, as a result, for sourcing as well.

IT Audit Support

Demand supply organizations are under pressure to comply with a growing number of laws and regulations. PM Expert specializes in support for organizations that want to demonstrate their compliance with these laws and regulations. Whether you are COBIT®, ISO/IEC 20000, SOx or Basel II compliant, our EDP auditors and ISACA-certified employees will be happy to help you. We will assist you in setting up the most important control mechanisms, and by carrying out audits and assessments. We will also supervise the process of actual certification for your organization. In addition, we can determine where your organization stands in relation to targets and benchmarks. With our support, including a preparatory audit, you can be sure that you will have nothing to worry about when undergoing external audits.

IT Governance Design

Your IT department is responsible for managing a significant portfolio of infrastructure and application services. Each year it implements many strategic and other projects. Services are provided by your own staff as well as sourced from external parties. IT governance organizations - also known as demand-supply organizations (DSOs) - must continue to develop themselves if they are to keep delivering added value to all stakeholders. Results count. That is why we focus on a results-driven approach. In order to guarantee long-term successful performance, the health of the organization is crucial. These two elements, results and organizational health, are central to the design or restructuring of your IT organization and the way in which it is managed. This service assists you by helping the existing organization to develop and by implementing a results-driven way of working. The creation of success is not something you do alone. This is why we take an approach that focuses on cohesion and collaboration throughout the supply chain. The core assumption when designing effective IT governance is that governance also refers to ground rules and design principles as a part of corporate governance which permeates the entire organization rather than just being the name of a department.

IT Governance Assessment

In recent years, many organizations have designed their IT governance around external and/or internal suppliers. Nonetheless, some organizations have been unable to manage these relationships effectively, and the business has failed to reap the added value it needs. It is often difficult to get answers to apparently simple questions on the existing IT governance organization. Our IT governance assessment uses PM Expert's Six Aspects Model to chart the status of your present IT governance activities. Then we make recommendations on how they could be improved. The assessment for IT governance gives you an insight into the maturity of your IT governance activities, highlighting any areas for improvement. The scan can also serve as a valuable baseline measurement, or as a stepping stone to implementation and improvement drives.

Supply Chain Governance

We assist organizations in the design of well-controlled supply chains, with employees that are committed and give their all. We focus on creating mutual trust, with the aim of creating and maintaining a positive, result-driven approach. This service helps organizations build up a full picture of their supply chains and their clients' specific needs. The organization translates each client need to a client process and a product or service range that offers the client added value. Sometimes this is reasonably simple, but in many supply chains it turns out to be more complex; such chains pertain to constellations in which client roles are split among various parties. In a complex supply chain, it is important to get a clear idea of the lines from demand to supply, via production.

IT Governance Support

As an IT service provider, your division is developing rapidly. Service provision volume is growing, and many services are fulfilling a pivotal role in your clients' primary processes. Your division is responsible for managing a significant portfolio of infrastructure and application services. Each year it implements many strategic and other projects. Services are provided by your own staff as well as sourced from external parties. Digital services are changing rapidly, and this is not likely to alter in years to come. Your division has a vital role to play. You want strategic planning and decision-making for the coming years, governance of the organization, and managerial/staff skills development to complement these strategic and other developments in the best possible way. We can help you to act adequately on these managerial issues by fine-tuning your IT governance activities and the way in which they are managed.