Dev Ops

Creating High Performing DevOps teams

Applying DevOps principles isn't easy. In addition to the organizational and technical challenges, it primarily involves people and how to collaborate in a high-performance team. To unlock the true potential, a cultural shift that demands commitment from management and strong leadership is necessary. Most DevOps teams are still encountering problems that prevent them from benefiting fully. By choosing for coaching by PM Expert's DevOps coaches, you'll be able to break the bad habits of teams and develop the personal leadership skills of team members. Our coaches combine direct feedback, personal interventions and monitoring in combination with analytics to challenge teams and individuals. This results in new behavior and the desired outcomes for the business, teams and individuals.

DevOps Awareness Workshop

Are you an IT professional who needs to know more about DevOps? Then join us for a four-hour DevOps awareness workshop. Together, we'll explore all the principles and core concepts of DevOps. You'll raise your awareness of the motivations, goals and current status of DevOps; and you'll become more aware of all the techniques and concepts involved in the ultimate search for flow that is known as DevOps. We'll focus on the IT service pipeline and such things as continuous delivery, monitoring, infrastructure as code and metrics. After this energetic four-hour workshop you'll bring your new knowledge of DevOps and fresh inspiration to your team. You may even infect them with the DevOps mindset. The target audience is anyone interested in IT (either Dev or Ops or other aspects) who has had little or no exposure to DevOps and wants to learn more.

DevOps Selfie

The primary goal of DevOps is to ensure that the development and operations aspects of IT work together in an optimized flow for delivering value to customers. However, be aware: DevOps isn't easy. It involves people, process and technology. It's a cultural shift that demands commitment from management and strong leadership to maintain progress along the way. It's all about continual improvement throughout the lifecycle of IT services. To know the priorities for improvement, you need to know where you are regarding the integration of Dev and Ops. In our 10-day readiness assessment we take a holistic view in order to improve the delivery of value to IT customers. The result is an objective 'selfie' that helps organizations to focus on the next steps towards becoming more IT service-centric and customer-oriented.

DevOps Strategy in one Day

Nowadays, all IT departments need a DevOps strategy. Some people in IT might think DevOps doesn't apply to them, but digital transformation does - now more than ever. Despite years of talk in IT about building and delivering breakthrough services for the business, the truth is that few IT departments are capable of keeping up with the demands of their customers and businesses are falling behind their competitors due to a lack of IT capabilities to support the disruptive nature of the digital transformation happening all around us. It is obvious that IT capabilities need to change for businesses to survive and thrive. DevOps is the philosophy that promises to change that. We dare anyone to join us in our 'DevOps strategy in One Day' workshop. During the space of a single day we'll work with business and IT executives on the subject of readiness for the digital transformation.

Continuous Delivery

One of the core concepts in achieving flow in the delivery of value to customers is continuous delivery. This one concept holds the promise of improving your services in an unprecedented way. As a result you will be able to meet the demands of your customers better and more quickly. The automation of building, testing, deployment and provisioning of IT services plays a crucial role in realizing the adoption of continuous delivery. PM Expert will help you move towards becoming a Lean enterprise with unprecedented IT agility. Your IT services will start evolving into a completely automated services and software delivery process according to your organization's needs. The result will be the capability to create and move your innovative IT services into production - and into the hands of your customers - faster, more efficiently, more reliably and with lower costs. We will guide your people in the lasting and impactful transformation towards continuous delivery.