Comparison PMP and PRINCE2

PMP is based on body of knowledge (PMBOK Guide)or can be termed as a collection of recommendations and best practices, while PRINCE2 is a methodology based approach(Based on PRINCE2 Manual). Following points highlight some of the key differences.

  • PMBOK Guide is Knowledge or a collection of recommendations and best practices (Explains what you should know)  whereas PRINCE2 Manual is Methodology based (explains what you should do) .
  • PMP is Descriptive (explains the good practices) whereas PRINCE2 is Prescriptive (tells you what to do)
  • PMBOK consists of the tools and techniques of project management and is a guide telling how things could be done whereas PRINCE2 is a methodology, with a clear process, steps and templates. 
  • PMP is centred around the project manager and emphasises on what a project manager should and his roles and responsibilities whereas PRINCE2 the focus is on three levels of management, Directing (Project Board), Managing (Project Manager) and Delivering (Team Manager). The roles and responsibilities corresponding to each role in all the three levels is defined very clearly