PRINCE2-Managing a Product delivery

The purpose of the managing product delivery process is to control the link between the project manager and the team manager(s), by agreeing the requirements for acceptance, execution and delivery. The role of the team manager(s) is to coordinate an area of work that will deliver one or more of the project's products. They can be internal or external to the customer's organization.

The objective of the managing product delivery process is to ensure that:

  • work on products allocated to the team is authorized and agreed
  • team managers, team members and suppliers are clear as to what is to be produced and what is the expected effort, cost or timescales
  • the planned products are delivered to expectations and within tolerance
  • accurate progress information is provided to the project manager at an agreed frequency to ensure that expectations are managed.

The activities within the managing product delivery process are team manager oriented and are to:

  • accept a work package
  • execute a work package
  • deliver a work package.