ITIL V4 Continual Improvement

Continual improvement takes place all over the organization and the SVS. It applies to all components of the service value chain and to all relationships with stakeholders. It can be triggered at any time by any individual or stakeholder party.

Continual improvement is supported by:

1. the ITIL continual improvement model  providing organizations with a structured approach to implementing improvements

2. the Improve value chain activity , embedding continual improvement into the value chain

3. the continual improvement practice , supporting organizations in their day-to-day improvement efforts

The generic goal: support continual improvement at all levels.

The ITIL continual improvement model supports an iterative approach, focusing upon customer value. It is linked to the organization's vision. The model is not prescriptive in a linear sense: steps can be taken repeatedly until they provide the desired result. Logic and common sense should always prevail when using the continual improvement model.