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EXIN BCS SIAM™ Foundation Classroom

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EXIN BCS SIAM™ Foundation tests a candidate's knowledge and understanding of the terminology and the core principles of SIAM. This certification covers subjects including the potential benefits, challenges, and risks of implementing Service Integration and Management. Know more

Target group

Service Integration and Management Foundation is aimed at professionals who want to implement SIAM methodology in their organization and in particular professionals who are already working with IT Service Management processes. It is also intended for providers that want to implement and manage Service Integration and Management models.

Main subjects

Lesson 1: Introduction to SIAM
Lesson 2: Purpose and value
Lesson 3: The SIAM ecosystem
Lesson 4: SIAM structures
Lesson 5: SIAM roadmap part 1
Lesson 6: SIAM roadmap part 2
Lesson 7: SIAM roadmap part 3
Lesson 8: SIAM roadmap part 4
Lesson 9: SIAM roles & responsibilities part 1
Lesson 10: SIAM roles & responsibilities part 2
Lesson 11: SIAM roles & responsibilities part 3
Lesson 12: SIAM practices part 1
Lesson 13: SIAM practices part 2
Lesson 14: Processes part 1
Lesson 15: Processes part 2
Lesson 16: Challenges and risks part 1
Lesson 17: Challenges and risks part 2
Lesson 18: Challenges and risks part 3
Lesson 19: SIAM and other practices part 1
Lesson 20: SIAM and other practices part 2
Lesson 21: Exam preparation