PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is a structured project management method based on experience drawn from thousands of projects - and from the contributions of countless project sponsors, Project Managers, project groups, academics, trainers and consultants.

PRINCE2 which is a registered trade mark of the AXELOS LTD is a de facto standard used extensively by the UK Government and is widely recognized and used in the personal sector, both in the UK and internationally.

Key Features of PRINCE2

  • Its focus on business justification
  • A defined organization structure for the project management group
  • Its product-based planning approach
  • Its emphasis on dividing the project into manageable and controllable stages. It isa flexible Project Management framework to be applied at a level appropriate to the project

Benefits of PRINCE2

  • Promotes consistency of project work and the ability to reuse project assets; it also facilitates staff mobility and reduces the impact of personnel changes/handovers.
  • Is an invaluable diagnostic tool, facilitating the assurance and assessment of project work, troubleshooting and audits.
  • Plans are carefully designed to meet the needs of the different levels in the management group, improving communication and control.
  • Ensures that participants focus on the viability of the project in relation to its Business Case objectives - rather than simply seeing the completion of the project as an end in itself.
  • Defines a thorough but economical structure of reports.
  • Ensures that stakeholders (including sponsors and resource providers) are properly represented in planning and decision making.

Overview of Workshop Topics (Foundation)

o Introduction to PRINCE2
o Overview of PRINCE2 Principles, Themes and Processes
o Processes
― Starting Up a Project
― Initiating a Project
― Controlling a Stage
― Managing Product Delivery
― Managing a Stage Boundary
― Directing a Project
― Closing a Project
o Themes
― Business Case
― Organization
― Plan
― Quality
― Risk
― Change
― Progress
o Discussion on Sample Question Papers
o PRINCE found Exam ( in presence of APMG Proctor)

Overview of Workshop Topics (Practitioner)

o Recap of PRINCE2 Principles, Processes and Themes
o Discussion on Management Products
o Benefit Review Plan
o Business Case
o Communication Management Strategy
o Configuration Management Strategy
o Plan
o Product Description
o Project Brief
o Project Initiation Documentation
o Project Product Description
o Quality Management Strategy
o Risk Management Strategy
o Work Package
o Recap of Management Products
o Management Products - Records and Reports
o 3 Sample case studies

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